About Paul

Hello, I'm Paul. Welcome to my website.

I was a latecomer to photography, but since picking up a vintage SLR in my thirties film photography, and later wet plate photography, have become a growing obsession. Through my photography I combine my love of storytelling, community and historic photographic processes to say something new with something old. 


This is the philosophy behind the Collodion Ghost, so called because of the wonderfully ethereal imagery produced of the wet plate process that I have come to adore. It is also a nod to my parallel life as an academic with an interest in how literature and the art of storytelling explores those worlds of experience that exist at the margins.

​​More about me: I've been writing for pleasure for as long as I can remember, and professionally in an academic capacity since 2013. After completing a PhD in English literature I have published articles on Indigenous literature, photography and education.

Thank you for stopping by!

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