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About Paul

Hello, I'm Paul. Welcome to my website and home of the Tram Diaries.

In 2018 I started keeping a notebook detailing interesting events from the day, which as it happened often featured aspects of my daily commute on the wonderful Nottingham Tram. Over time I found myself writing-up my notes as a journal, which during the pandemic and a lengthy stretch of homeworking became a something of a daily ritual, and a welcome one at that. At some point I started sharing the more humorous excerpts of my journal with friends on Facebook, who seemed to like what they were reading and encouraged me to share more. The result was the Tram Diary.

This fumbling amateur's attempt at a website is part of that process, but also a little shrine to my other passion - photography and vintage cameras. Despite being a latecomer to photographer it is an artform that gives me tremendous joy, especially photography that utilises what you might call antique processes such as wet plate collodion, silver printing, and film.


I've been writing for pleasure for as long as I can remember, and more-or-less professionally in an academic capacity since around 2013. After completing a PhD in English literature at the University of Warwick I have published articles on Indigenous literature, photography and education. My long-term ambition, however, is turn the Tram Diaries into a book length project, with a manuscript already well underway.

I live in Leicestershire with my wife Deborah and a couple of rescue cats, Mortimer and Margot.

Thank you for stopping by!

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